insitu sessions volume 2
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Insitu Sessions Volume 2
Insitu Sessions Volume 1
Insitu Sessions Volume 2

Compilation of works performed at the August 28th 2016 Insitu Session at SMK 3 Sukawati, Desa Batubulan Kab. Gianyar, Bali.

The second volume in our ongoing Insitu Sessions series includes 8 new works for gamelan. These range from the constantly shifting soundscapes of I Made Subandi’s Dwi Samatra Lingga to New York based Evan O’Donnell’s rock-inspired Muka Kacau. The entire volume was recorded at the performing arts high school SMK 3 (KOKAR) in Desa Sukawati, which has played an important role in shaping gamelan music on the island since it was first established in 1960 and lends its ambiance to the videos. Highlights include I Wayan Srutha Wiguna’s Wawa Uning, inspired by children flying a kite at dusk, and I Putu Suwarsa’s Konstelasi, performed by three brothers exhibiting the cooperative virtuosity for which Balinese gamelan is often revered.

duration: 52 min. 04 sec.
format: .WAV .MP3 (audio) .MP4 (video)

Also available on CD and DVD in select locations. Click here for details.

Title Composer(s)
Dwi Samatra Lingga I Made Subandi
Wawu Uning I Wayan Srutha Wiguna
Muka Kacau Evan O'Donnell
Kurakurakurakuraan Zachary Hejny
Resonator Manusia Komang Pasek Wijaya
Bangsing I Kadek Tunas Sanjaya
4 M I Putu Purwwangsa Nagara
Konstelasi I Putu Suwarsa
bonus tracks
Title Track Info
Promo (remix / smash up) Insitu Recordings
Credits (remix / smash up) Insitu Recordings
extended notes
Track 1 - Dwi Samatra Lingga
Dwi Samatra phallus, phallus Kruna Kruna sane mawit saking Kalih phallus. Kruna sane lingganyane mesaih (mesib) lan Kruna Kruna antuk kawangun phallus sane sane Kalih soroh sumaih (mesib).

If further apart or separated completely, they would be worthless and have no meaning. Like Dewa and Dewi, if they were separated they would have no strength to care for the universe. In this innovative piece, Dwi Samatra Lingga, each theme is comprised of both a question and an answer, just like kecah-kecuh, delak-delik, dengak-dengok, kecag-kecog. Kecah has no meaning if there is no kecuh and so on...

Inspired by the baik-buruk, keras-lembut, kasar-halus, this work will be meaningful and have more value, when united complement each other and give each other space and time.
Composer I Made Subandi (Subandi)
Musisi Ni Made Ayu Dwi Sattvitri
  I Made Putra Amertadana
  I Gusti Agung Kresna Bayu Kepakisan
  Kadek Candy Cintya Dewi
  Gusti Putu Ngurah Prakrti Mahendra
  Putu Ariana Putra
  Kadek Wahyu Pracipta

Track 2 - Wawu Uning
One day I witnessed kids flying kites and they were so abosrbed in play that they forget it was getting dark (Sandikala). This piece is inspired by such kids and the process by which they will come to better understand the world as they grow. In Hindu mythology Sandikala is the period of time just before dusk when Bhuta Kala (lower spirits) become active.
Composer I Wayan Srutha Wiguna (Srutha)
Ensemble Semar Pegulingan
Kantilan Pande Nyoman Alit Yuliantara
  Made Asta Sidhi Dadri
Pemade I Made Yama Sudarma Putra
  I Wayan Srutha Wiguna
Jublag Nyoman Abiseka Pradipa
  I Putu Budi Satya Kusuma

Track 3 - Muka Kacau
Muka Kacau is a short experiment inspired by post-rock and contemporary metal. The 3 sections of this piece are based around a riff, a series of stretched vertical harmonies, and improvised noise, respectively. I felt that the tone and timbre of bronze instruments would lend itself particularly well to stacked harmonies, creating a roiling, abyss-like effect often strove for in some genres of heavy metal. I also was drawn to the idea of translating tremelo picking to a pair of gangsa, making use of the interlocking patterns to deepen the turbulence. Finally, much the way a punk or indie-rock band might end a song with a wall of atonal noise, I thought it would be fun to ask the kebyar group to thrash around randomly on their instruments during the final section and see how it would translate.

The title Muka Kacau refers to this use of controlled chaos in the piece, and also from heavy metal occultism. I love the idea of falling through a bottomless well of sound and suddenly encountering, head on, the very face of chaos itself. If gamelan can be used to placate the gods and demons of Bali's unseen world, why shouldn't gamelan-metal speak to ancient Europe's underworld in some way? Menurut Saya it seems fitting, and moreover, natural and inevitable. If the musicians are speaking cross culturally, the elemental forces and entities behind each tradition may already be in dialog, whether we like it or not...
Composer Evan O'Donnell
Group Naradha Gita - #NAGi
Ceng-Ceng I Gede Hery Sudarma (Gedu) 
Kempli I Wayan Gede Purwa Adikara (Yande)
Kantilan I Putu Arya Deva Suryanegara (Arya)
  A. A. Mahendra Putra (Gustu)
Pemade I Made Agus Tara (Gustara)
  I Made Mondana (Mondana)
Jublag I Made Putra Antara (Gogon)
  I Made Dwika Putra Sanjaya (De Sabar)   
Gong Evan O'Donnell

Track 4 - Kurakurakurakuraan
Sketches from a work in progress.
Composer Zachary Hejny (Zach)
Gender Pemade I Putu Suwandika (Wawan)
Gender Pemade I Putu Arya Deva Suryanegara (Arya)

Track 5 - Resonator Manusia
Resonator Manusia is an extension of my first work (Bunyi Manusia), in that it explores other ways that the voice can sound. When this idea is transfered into the media of suling, the the throat, which functions as our own resonator, achieves a relationship with the suling. When we have connected the esophagus with the flute and have given life to it by flowing breath through it, the flute may accurately represent the human mindset that you want to express or convey.
Composer I Komang Pasek Wijaya (Pasex)
Suling Pande Ega Sasdicka
  Kadek Agus Pusaka Adi Putra
  I Made Prayoga Adi Astawa
  I Kadek Ananta Kusuma
  I Putu Suardana
  I Ketut Darmayasa

Track 6 - Bangsing
Try to get something, something you desire, desire is motivation to live, life is a journey. Feel and enjoy it.
Composer I Kadek Tunas Sanjaya (Emon)
Ensemble Gender Jawa
Musisi I Putu Purwwangsa Nagara (Wawan)
  I Made Winantara (Boy)
  Putu Redyan (Redyan)
  I Kadek Tunas Sanjaya (Emon)

Track 7 - 4 M
4 M stands for " 4 Men" or 4 players. 4 M also refers to merepat, mekilit, meimpas, and mepiteh. The composer interpreted these ideas through a process that began in the mind according to his own tastses and abilities. The result is not sweet, but complex and challenging to understand.
Composer I Putu Purwwangsa Nagara (Wawan)
Penyanyi Kadek Agus Pusaka Adi Putra (Saka)
  I Komang Gede Adi Surya Wibawa (Blolot)
  I Made Winantara (Boy)
  I Putu Purwwangsa Nagara (Wawan)

Track 8 - Konstelasi
Listen to what is worth hearing. Take a look at what should be seen. Konstelasi is a reflection of the musical imagination. Nothing is impossible, listen to what I see.
Composer I Putu Suwarsa (Bayem)
Tingklik  Komang Tirta (Komang)
Gender Rambat Saih 7 I Kadek Tunas Sanjaya (Emon)
Petuduh Selonding Putu Suwarsa (Bayem)
Recording Session Credits
Recorded at SMK3 Sukawati, Desa Batubulan, Kab. Gianyar, Bali on August 28th 2016.
Recording/Photos/Videos Jonathan Adams and I Putu Gede Sukaryana (Balot)
Assistant Yan Priya Kumara Janardhana (Janu)

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